MADAM Ada Stakepool

MADAM stakepool is a tribute to Ada Lovelace a mathematician and the first programmer


Hello, we are Lenka and Jan, your stakepool operators. Our mission is help crypto mass adoption, especially Cardano.

We believe that women have a place in technology. That is why we support women of all ages in education and employment in technology. Related to this is the development of women's awareness of and support for cryptocurrencies, in particular Cardano.

Ada Lovelace was mathematician and the first programmer. In addition to contributing to the early history of computers, she also looked at visions about the advanced capabilities of computers. Following Ada's example we intend to inspire other women.

Stakepool Details

Ticker: MADAM

Fees: 1%

Servers: Cloud based servers

Operators: DevOps engineers

Pledge: 500 ADA

MADAM Ada Pool is running on cloud based infrastructure. Each server runs on 8GB RAM, 4vCPUs, unlimited transfer at 200 Mbit/s and 200GB SSD storage. Servers can be easily scaled up if required.

Technically the stakepool is operated by professional DevOps engineer.